Welcome to the Pierre Viret Association. Pierre Viret is often called the “Forgotten Reformer” of the Protestant Reformation. Our hope is that as you browse this site you will begin to uncover the greatness and depth of the Christian character and theological scholarship of Pierre Viret.

Pierre (Peter) Viret was an extraordinary man and a model minister. He was a blend of gracious Christian character and remarkable theological insight and balance. His theology went beyond the abstract and touched life itself. From the authority of Scripture to the role of the magistrates, Viret made theology applicable to all of human existence.

Viret’s works on apologetics, biblical law, ethics, economics, and political philosophy were influential during the times of the Reformation. His theological expertise in these realms is as timely in our modern era as it was in his.

Theodore de Beze wrote of Viret in his Portraits:


I see his body, beaten, fraught with suffering and age,
Recipient of poison, wounds, and all man’s deadly rage.
I see the power of the Lord, His noble mysteries,
And in great silence I submit myself to His decrees.

I read the precious writings, full of wisdom without end,
That you, my dearest Viret, in that dreadful prison penned.
I see the goodness of your judgment, and your conscience clear,
And know that truly God resides within your mansion here.

I know Christ watches o’er His Church with gentle, loving care,
For, seeing it half-dead, engulfed in flame, in great despair,
He lights a fire in men’s souls within that dreadful heat,
Enflaming hearts, enlight’ning minds, to make His Church complete.

If all the folly of the world rejects His sacred way,
Demanding from us some new sign, some miracle today,
Our gentle Viret will provide a witness with each breath;
He spoke to them in life, and he is speaking still in death.

Theodore de Beze's poem is the symbol of our vision at the Pierre Viret Association. Our goal is to further equip Christ's Church by making available the beautiful writings of the forgotten reformer, Pierre Viret.

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